10 Beautiful Illustrator and Photoshop Poster Tutorials

It is absolutely amazing what people can create using photoshop and illustrator as proven by these insanely creative (well most anyway) and beautiful posters. They have painstakingly written these tutorials for us to take that next step in graphics. Mind you, many of these tutorials are intermediate to advanced so take your time, follow the steps and give a big thank you to the creator.

1. Tatto style, grunge, Day of Dead, Girl Poster in Illustrator

Transform a stock photo into a grunge poster using pen tool, high contrasts and shadows.

2. Poster style Low-poly art Portrait

Teaches you how to create a grainy band poster.

3. Black and White HDR Inspirational Poster

4. A War Movie Poster

5. Radio Station Advertisement Poster

Radio Station Advert Design Photoshop Tutorial

6. Poster for a Gaming Device

Designing a Poster for a Portable Gaming Device

7. Fragmented Golden Phone

Play with high contrast and filters to create this shiny poster.

8. Shoe Advertisement Poster

Merge patterns to create a well chiseled ad for your product.

9. Poster with only Lettering

Lettering simply is absolutely necessary.

10. Hippie Style Concert Poster

It is 60′s and it is cool. This tutorial will teach you about the warp tool and color manipulations.



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