10 Best Free Online Tools and Resources For Web Developers

Here is the collection of 10 best free relatively new and useful tools and resources for Web Developers and Designers. These tools and resources will not only help you do certain tasks in easier and faster manner but will also help you take your web development projects to the next level. These online tools and services will come in handy in your web development work-flow starting from the design phase till the implementation and even beyond i.e. during client support.

1. Font Pair


Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Choosing a great typography is essential for good web design and this website can help you with good font pair suggestions.

2. placeIMG


placeIMG will help you quickly generate and embed images of custom size in your web design projects and mockups. It allows you to embed images using a simple URL where you specify the image dimensions and category of the image. Additionally you can specify filters too.

3. Coolors


Coolors is a super fast color schemes generator. You can generate infinite color palettes for your designs and share, export or save it in your profile. Coolors offers an iOS app too.

4. The Pattern Library


Tileable patterns were heavily used in web design until large hero images became the new trend. Nonetheless, tileable pattern find its use in many web designs and you will find vibrant and colorful patterns in The Pattern Library. You can use these patterns freely in your web design projects.

5. Typosaurus


A spelling mistake can ruin a good design. Typosaurus can help do a spell check on your live website. You may want to install the chrome extension instead to easily check the page open in your current browser tab.

6. UI Faces


When it comes to making your web design more lively, having real people faces instead of mystery man avatars can prove to be more beneficial. UI Faces has a collection of real people faces which are allowed to be used on mock ups as well as on live websites.

7. Flat Shadow Generator


While many designers may have lost the appetite for flat design and have moved on to newer trends, people are still using and loving flat web design in 2015. Flat Shadow Generator is here to restore your love for the flat design with its easy use web tool, which you can use to create custom icons with flat shadow at desired angle and depth.

8. UI Names


UI Names is a simple tool to generate names for use in designs and mockups. They offer an API also in case you want to make use of them in your web or mobile apps.

9. Code Beautify


Code Beautify has a monster set of tools for web developers. They have:

  • Tools for beautifying/prettifying HTML, CSS, XML etc.
  • Converters from XML to JSON, Image to Base64, CSV to XML and a lot more.
  • Unit converters, Validators, Broken Link Checker, Number utilities and probably everything else that you may need in the future.

10. Simple Sharing Buttons


While we all love having sharing buttons on our sites, many a times they become the reason for slowing the website down or tracking the user’s activity in an unwanted manner. If these are your concerns too, then Simple Sharing Buttons will help you create mobile friendly static sharing buttons which won’t need loading up any additional JavaScript files.

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