10 Best Free WordPress Plugins to enhance Woocommerce

Woocommerce is the chosen one if wordpress and ecommerce is what you have in mind. Thousands upon thousands of downloads later it is better and even more popular. Now a big line of other plugins have flooded to add their own little tool to it. Some have a bit of all and others are more specific. From wishlist, order tracking to customizers, this list has everything. Plus they are all free to download at wordpress.org. Having said that some are premium to unlock certain features, nevertheless they should prove sufficient to start with. The trick is, if you browse enough you should be able to find the right plugin that fits your requirement. So here are ten of the good ones that I managed to put together in this list.

Some free WordPress Woocommerce Plugins

1. YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

Well with close to 500k downloads this has to be one of the items in your wish list to do the same in your ecommerce website.


2. Woocommerce PDF invoices and packing slips

Use this to attach PDF invoices to confirmed order emails automatically as well as download/print packing slips/invoices from woocommerce order admin.


3. Aftership – Woocommerce Tracking

Provides features from adding tracking number and carrier name to sending customers delivery updates.


4. Woocommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

It’s got a big list of checkout/myaccount, localization, general and cart features.


5. Woocommerce Customizer

Modify buttons, texts and other display items using this customizer.


6. Woocommerce Jetpack

It has custom labels, world currency, pdf invoicing & slips, payment gateways etc. It’s got a bit of everything really.


7. Woocommerce Dynamic Gallery

Gives you stylish sliding image gallery on every product page.


8. Woocommerce Predictive Search

Gives you live search with thumbnail, title and description.


9. Woocommerce Multilingual

Allows running multilingual sites using woocommerce and WPML.


10. Woocommerce Admin Bar Additions

Gives quick access to settings, orders, reports etc.


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