10 Cool and interesting jQuery Plugins for Web design

jQuery jQuery !! As if there wasn’t enough stuff on the internet regarding web design and development. But hey, here is a few more goodies I’d like to point out. Whatever I thought were useful and importantly trendy, I’ve included, no matter new or old (mostly new though). The list is full of animations. Moving things on browsers seem to attract more attention than ever. So here we go.

10 Out of so many interesting jQuery Plugins

1. Classy Countdown jQuery Plugin

Nice little jquery countdowns that go round. The plugin uses HTML5 canvas and has 12 themes.


2. Vivus

Creates the animation of things being drawn. Nifty little javascript class to do this.


3. Ripples jQuery Plugin

Give a cool WebGL ripple effect to your backgrounds.


4. Turn.js

Create flip effects as in turning a magazine page with this jquery plugin.


5. ClassySocial

Animated share buttons that pop out when clicked.


6. Pagepilings.js

Literally pile your web pages  on upon the other.


7. Tilted Page Scroll jQuery Plugin

Images just tilt away as you scroll.


8. Face Detection jQuery Plugin

Exactly what it says. Detects on both video and images.


9. Intro.js

Nice way to introduce things in a website. Must see demo.


10. Chaffle

It shuffle  the characters of texts quickly on hover. Really cool.


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