12 Best SVG Graphics Tools To Work Efficiently

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is getting more famous and being used by designers and developers for creating retina display and responsive web designs. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. SVG images and their behaviours are defined in XML text files. This means that they can be searched, indexed, scripted, and compressed.

Here are 12 Best Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG ) Tools To Work Efficiently than ever. The list includes both online and offline tools that will help a lot in designing different patterns and much more.

1. SVG Circus


You can easily create some stunning loader animation of your SVG with the SVG Circus. You can also create loader or your desired loop animation easily.  It also allows to organize the Actor, size, color, position from its panel.

2. Clip Path Generator


SVG allows you to click the image clip with Shape. This is quite easy if the shape is in the form of a square or a circle. But what if the shape is one with a lot of points or is a polygonal shape? That’s where you need this Clip Path Generator tool.



SVG OMG turns the command line of SVGO (the previous tool) into a GUI version that more intuitive and easy to use. Just toggle the buttons to activate or deactivate each feature. In the end you can grab the result as image files and code as well.

4. SVG Now


Importing your SVG from Illustrator contains useless content that needs to be filtered. SVG NOW helps you in doing so and get the optimized file that is exported directly from the Illustrator workspace. It adds additional options to further optimize your SVG.

5. Plain Pattern

Plain Pattern

Design some cool patterns with SVG using plain pattern tool. Simply upload your own image, change the spacing or scale it down, change color or even rotate it. You can also preview the changes.

6. Interactive SVG Coordinate System

Interactive SVG Coordinate System

When you work with SVG you can’t leave its coordinate. This is a great interactive tool by Sara Souiden, to help you learn how SVG coordinates work. Using the view Box and preserveAspectRatio on SVG, guided by orange and purple lines and a handy ruler, you can play while learning how SVG coordinates function.

7. SVG to PNG converter

SVG to PNG converter

Want to export SVG files to PNG form? Without opening applications like Illustrator to do so? Use this SVG to PNG Converter tool to get image outputs in PNG format and also PNG Base64 data URI if you need it.

8. SVG Gradient

SVG Gradient

SVG gradient allows making gradients in your SVG and is by far the most easiest way to do with this simple tool. Simply hit start and stop color options to get different results. It also has a touch of CSS.

9. SVG Filters

SVG Filters

You can add effects like hue, saturation, blur, linear color overlay and much more with SVG filters. You can visualize all effects and also give a snippet that makes it easier to embed these effects to your original project.

10. Quasi


Use quasi to generate high quality Quasicrystal graphics with stunning and beautiful result. Just play around with this tool and download the final result with Save SNG button.

11. SVG Morpheous

SVG Morpheous

SVG Morpheous is a JavaScript library that allows you to morph an SVG icon from one shape to another. You can set the easing effect, duration of transition animations, and also rotation direction.

12. Method Draw

Method Draw

A web based SVG editor with a user-friendly interface having tools on both of the canvas. It allows drawing lines, shapes, input text and also use the built-in shapes and finally edit them. You can also export the image in SVG format or PNG.

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