12 Sound Bootstrap 3 Admin Templates July 2015

Well, it’s a mix of new and old Bootstrap 3 Admin Templates so that the best ones make the list. You will not go wrong with any of these themes. Only thing is you need to choose which features and design really suit your sites. They got the whole lot of features because website template development has become a competitive field.

Best Bootstrap 3 Admin Themes July 2015

Pretty much every theme has angular, ajax, LESS these days. It’s the other things you need to look for. Like the look and feel, additional items like free frontend, what the user comments say about the support and bugs, is it updated regularly etc.

1. Sing Web and Angular Dashboard

Sing has gesture enabled touch feature, pushState + ajax page loading, an angular.js version, LESS and public bug-tracker.

Preview | Details & Download

2. Inspina – Responsive Admin Theme

No list is complete without Inspina. It has won hearts of many. The 2.2 package contains versions namely, MVC 5, Angularjs, HTML, Ruby on Rails and Meteor. It’s also got LESS, SASS, SCSS, Grunt and PSD files.

Preview | Details & Download

3. Color Admin – Admin Template + Frontend

Color is a flat design with plenty of vectors, ajax, typography, managed tables, gallery and charts.

Preview | Details & Download

4. Angle – Bootstrap Admin App + AngularJS

Angle has everything Inspina does and a little more too. Not as popular but the choice is yours.

Preview | Details & Download

5. Rubix – ReactJS Powered Admin Template

Rubix is a responsive, webapp, admin template powered by Facebook’s ReactJS and Bootstrap. It has a huge collection of composable React UI components (most of the Bootstrap components have been ported to React). Also includeded are an aesthetically beautiful, hand-crafted, touch-enabled charting library called Rubix Charts created exclusively for this template.

Preview | Details & Download

6. Metronic – Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Dashboard Template

With 30,000 downloads Metronic is right up there with sack loads of design possibilities and features.

Preview | Details & Download

7. Modern – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Modern has 65+ pages, 2 admin themes, landing page, showcase templates, flexible header, menu and sidebar.

Preview | Details & Download

8. OneUI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Framework

It’s modular, it’s clean and it’s feature-full.

Preview | Details & Download

9. Materialism – Angular Bootstrap Admin Template.

It’s a material design template with animations and angularjs. It is compiled with NodeJS, Grunt and Bower which are tools to speed up your development significantly.

Preview | Details & Download

10. Singular Bootstrap Admin Theme + AngularJS

Singular has nested routes and views, toaster notifications, lazy load module, JADE/LESS, GMaps and many more.

Preview | Details & Download

11. Clean Zone – Responsive Admin Template

Apparently it is the first template with speech recognition API. It also comes with tabs and accordions, collapsible menu, growl notifications and plenty more.

Preview | Details & Download

12. Odin – The Ultimate Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

Odin a retina ready, fully responsive admin, has a large number of UI widgets, transition effects and interactive charts.

Preview | Details & Download

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