15 Best Free jQuery Video Tutorials

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library on the web today. It was released in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. jQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify your web based applications. JQuery is fast, much easy to use, small in size – around 32Kb, and contains lot of features.

You have to write lot of JavaScript code to accomplish tasks that jQuery enables you to write with much less code. Its aim is to write less do more. jQuery is cross platform compatible, i.e. supported by many popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others.

If you are planning to learn jQuery, than this tutorials are the best way to start. This video tutorials are available for both beginner as well as advanced level programmers and one can easily find some excellent tips within these tutorials. Below are the list of 15 Best Free jQuery Video Tutorials:

jQuery Video Turotial

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  1. JQuery Tutorials By Thenewboston This YouTube playlist by newboston has 200 videos starting from beginner to advance level of jQuery.
  2.  jQuery Essential Training with Joe Marini (4h 53m Video training)
  3. jQuery video tutorial  Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery 2.0 and enjoy new video tutorials for beginners with related programming challenges.
  4. Beginner JQuery Tutorials This YouTube playlist containing 20+ videos for beginners on jQuery
  5. JQuery Tutorials By Derek Banas
  6. Learning jQuery This is a huge YouTube playlist with a series of screencasts that covers everything from the ready event to submitting forms with ajax.
  7. JavaScript & JQuery Tutorial For Beginners – Playlist JS and jQuery tutorials for beginners by tutor4u.
  8. Introduction To JQuery And AJAX Web Forms
  9. 15 Days of Free jQuery Video Tutorials – Query Movie Tutorial
  10. Image Slider Using JQuery This tutorial demonstrates how to make a image slider using jQuery
  11. Content Slider Using JQuery This tutorial demonstrates how to make a content slider using jQuery.
  12. JQuery Tutorial Playlist
  13. JSConf hosts a collection of videos from the popular JavaScript conference.
  14. JQuery Beginners Tutorial Playlist
  15. Learn JQuery In 30 Days Learn jQuery in 30 Days (Free, email subscription required)

Plus 5 Best jQuery Blogs To Follow:

  1. Official JQuery Blog
  2. Bassistance: Jörn Zaefferer A Blog by jQuery developer who has created many popular jQuery plugins. This blog is about web applications and JavaScript
  3. Paul Bakaus A Blog by the creator of jQuery UI & some popular plugins. He often blogs about jQuery and jQueryUI related topics.
  4. James Padolsey Blog A blog by jquery developer
  5. Janko At Warp Speed A blog by User Experience designer.

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