15 Free Windows Tools That You Must Have

Windows is the most intuitive operating system ideal for desktops and other platforms. It is capable of supporting tons of different tools, applications and other software. However, we don’t always need all of them. Every tool that we use serves us with a different task, and quite often we’ll choose the one that fulfills our requirements. This could be customization, personal security, editing, etc. and much more to do with these tools.

In this article, I have collected 15 best free windows tools for you and with these free windows tools you can add a great collections in your arsenal. They are 100% free to use, and you must have these 15 best free windows tools.

1. Free Opener

With free opener you can open multiple files. This free tool supports over 350 file formats. So, a file within the range can easily be opened. Luckily it includes all those formats that are commonly used. In this way there is no need to download any software to open a particular file.

 2. Comodo Firewall

This free window tool hovers the in and out connections and also operated the traffic from Internet with a user-friendly interface. With Comodo Firewall, your computer will be safe from malicious connection attempts.

3. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is a great image editor and a library manager that lets you edit and manage your photos. It makes use of ratings, labels and meta information and share them with the world on social networks or the Zonerama Cloud.

4. Toolwiz Time Freeze

This tool is a “SYSTEM SANBOX” that activates a deep-freeze state in your computer. So, any changes that a hacker or virus may make will be discarded when your reboot the system. So, 100% security is ensured.

5. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter allows you converting your current video format to any of the formats available in the tool. It includes MP4, AVI, RM, FLV, 3GP, DivX, WMV and many others.

6. GoodSync

GoodSync is not only a backup manager, but also a file synchronizer that uploads and synchronizes the videos, emails, or any other file across your devices. This lets you keep a backup of your important data.


Radical Image Optimization Tool or RIOT support multiple image formats and lets you optimize your images with a fast, simple and intuitive interface that lets you optimize your images and compare them between original and the rendered image.

8. Tomahawk

Tomahawk is a social music player where you can browse top sources for an available song or media. So, the fuss of searching for songs is over now.

9. MediaMonkey

Entice yourself with a great music player where you can go through the media library and collection easily. Manage your audio, video and other media files at a single place by utilizing its great features.

10. Pidgin

Pidgin offers a cross platform with multiple protocols chat client. The interface is user friendly and easily to use supporting different networks and chat programs.  Pidgin allows you connecting to different networks in a single attempt.

11. FileZilla

FileZilla is a famous tool that gives you the convenience of FTP by supporting multiple FTP’s and SSH. It has different features like pause, resume transfer, managing your site, configuring the directory and synchronized directory browsing.

12. WPS Office

It is an office suite, and you can write your documents, design spreadsheets or create your presentations. WPS Office works perfectly with MS Office and its applications.

13. Wise Folder Hider

Now you can easily hide a file and folder with the help of Wise Folder Hider. It offers you an intuitive interface that allow you to easily lock and hide your important data, images, videos or any other confidential information. In this way, additional security is added to your computer.

14. Malwarebytes

A great Anti-Malware tool that quickly identifies any Trojans, rogues, spyware or any other malicious thing on your computer and kicks it out. Moreover, it prevents any attacks made by such malwares quite easily.

15. Crashplan

With Crashplan, you can entice yourself with a cross-platform backup manager that gives you a backup in case of any crashes. Sometimes, a program or a task is in progress and suddenly it crashes due to an unknown reason. However, Crashplan gives you a backup, and revert things back to normal.

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