16 Free Resume PSD Templates to Download

Pick the one free resume PSD template that suits you the best from this good list.

In most cases a simple word document will do just fine for a resume but if you are in the IT industry a little bit of creativity goes a long way. Get a head start on your resume with these 16 free resume templates. The real world is coming. Are you ready? In only a few short months the next wave of new graduates will be entering a tough job market. Impressing potential employers at every stage has never been more important. Here are 16 free resume PSD templates to get the new grads and folks looking to switch jobs started.

A functional resume format emphasises your skills and abilities, or ‘functional areas’, rather than chronological employment history and is especially useful when you are changing your career focus, when you are returning to work after a break, or when you want to highlight your skills and achievements from older jobs or from volunteer or extracurricular experience. The functional resume is all about relevance, enabling you to focus on what is most important for a particular position, so it should be tailored for each job application.

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