20 Good Premium Graphics Patterns and Textures

Looking for some premium pattern and texture packs for creating pixel-perfect designs? If yes, then you’re in the right place! In this list we selected over 20 premium patterns and textures packs which you can use for creating realistic designs. You’ll find here some really cool realistic texture sets for paper, wood, leather, brick and many other materials.

Textures or patterns are not always beautiful. In fact, many of them will appear quite dull when you look at them in their naked form. But when you apply them correctly they can make your designs pop, adding visual interest and more detail to your work. I think subconsciously we associate textures with certain feelings and emotions. For example, a metal texture gives us the feeling of security, strength, and toughness.

If you’re looking for high quality textures, and you don’t have the time to make your own, you’ve found the right resource. Below you will find twenty premium patterns and textures packs for your graphic design projects, web designs, and artworks. The links will lead you to Creative Market, where you can download them.

So here is the stunning collection of high quality free Photoshop patterns and textures. So if you are in search of some really cool patterns and textures for your latest project, this should surely help out.

1. 168 Marbalized Patterns and Textures

2. Art Deco Seamless Patterns Bundle

3. 150 INK Patterns

4. The Ultimate Textures Bundle

5. Marble Paper Textures

6. Abstract Paint Bundle

7. Supermassive Backgrounds Bundle

8. 51 Vector Geometric Backgrounds

9. 36 Watercolor Pattern and Backgrounds

10. 1980s Retro Fashion Patterns

11. 168 Abstract Textures and Patterns

12. Tropical Patterns Bundle. Watercolor.

13. 252 Assorted Real Real Paint Textures

14. 19 Glitch Backgrounds Vector

15. Magic Water. 67 Marbled Paper Pack.

16. The Ultimate Halftone Collection

17. 40 Vector Background Textures

18. 200 Textures/Backgrounds Pack

19. 85% OFF Megapack Patterns

20. 40 Hand Drawn Seamless Patterns

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