7 Best Ghost Themes with Bootstrap for Blogoholics 2015

Ghost Themes are definitely lukewarm in all the positive sense if not hot at the moment. I mean it is getting there. People are starting to respond to it. And so they should. It is undoubtedly a very simple and clean blogging platform (a cliche by now). There aren’t buckets and buckets of themes out there to choose from like WordPress but activities are ongoing and they are starting to grow.

These lot of Ghost Themes have bootstrap 3 in them, just to go with the crowd if not for aesthetics. But hey, bootstrap has been tested and found to be awesome. So these are from 2015. Most of them are pretty simple just to plonk your thoughts and pictures but the need for that little extra feature even for a blogging only baptized system is palpable. See for yourself. A list with variety was an important purpose of this post.

1. Curio – Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme

Curio is a mobile friendly piece with simplicity in mind but enough bits for a full blown blog. It has multi-author, bootstrap 3, fontawesome, audio/video post feature, mailchimp, twitter widget and others.

curio-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

2. Sylva – Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme

Sylva is minimal for sure but just what you would want for a travel journal. Like Curio it’s got multi-author, bootstrap 3, tag image and so on.

sylva-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

3. Marquis – Stylish and Content Focused Ghost Theme

It is definitely ghost but a tad busier. It is a neat theme with plenty of goodies like 6 site styles, header, banner and page layout styles, LESS included as well as parallax and isotope filter.

marquis-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

4. Hybrid – A Modern Grid Theme for Ghost

Hybrid has grids. It has flickr widget, tags, plenty of options with header and layout, LESS, custom 404 page and more.

hybrid-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

5. Futura – Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme

This is the sort I’m talking about when I say Ghost Theme. It is neat. It’s also got a two level menu thrown in with fontawesoe, multi-author and all other normal stuffs.

futura-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

6. Eva – Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme

Eva is a pretty template with the clever use of images. It is perfect for a photo blogger.

eva-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

7. Orbit – Masonry Style Responsive Ghost Theme

Orbit is good looking and easy to customize. It’s got masonry layout, ajax loading, fontawesome, multi-author, static pages and many more.

orbit-ghost-bootstrapPreview | Details & Download

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