Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials for beginners

If you want to go into graphics design or even web design you got to do a bit of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They are great tools to slop a few bits of creative ideas onto a canvas. I think every person should be taught how to use these or any other similar ones. In order to learn the tricks its just watch and do. The features and tools are easy to grasp, you will only need a couple of days. Here are 5 each of Photoshop and Illustrator tuts to get you started if you are a beginner. The images are taken from the respective sites.

Adobe Photoshop

1. Hippie style concert poster

It is 60’s and it is cool. This tutorial will teach you about the warp tool and color manipulations.


2. Pen tool

I cannot highlight the importance of pen tool enough so go through this tutorial if you are a beginner.


3. Create a coke can

Making a can of coke from scratch is fun. Here you get to play with light.


4. Photo manipulation

Photoshop is mostly related to photo manipulation so you gotta learn many. Learn here about adjustment layers and gradient maps.


5. Text effects: The Wheel

Text effects are used in logo designs, poster etc so it has to be conquered. Here is an old tut but still pretty good.



Adobe Illustrator

1. Line Art Logos

Chris Spooner from provides a long list of tutorials on graphics. I would bookmark this site immediately if I were you. In this article he draws a stag into a logo inspired by the ever so popular Game of Thrones. It is simple and a great way of making logos.


2. 3D Buttons

Buttons provide actions in all computer applications. Here you can learn shaping and blending to create a 3D button vector in easy steps.


3. Summer Banner Vectors

Here you learn shape building along with texture to create happy banners. This is the sort you want to do again and again to become a strong designer.


4. Poster Design

The use of the pen tool is very important and is used all the time in designs. This is a good tutorial to learn shapes and shades while you make this abstract poster.


5. Zombie Character

How about a zombie to end this tutorial. Again play with shapes and shadows to create this little guy.


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