CSS3 Benefits, Tutorials and Resources

CSS3 Benefits

Since its last version, ccs2, Cascading Style Sheets have taken a huge leap forward with its latest version CSS3. The fact that the new version enhances the look of a design project, but that’s just the beginning of what designers can do when using CSS3. Here is a look at some of the possibilities:

1. Compatible With Older Versions

One of the best features of CSS3 is the fact that it is compatible with older versions of the language. Designers won’t have to give up all their previous work with the predecessors of CSS3. The new language can be reworked on old modules too. However, there might be some speed issues during the conversion.

2. Simple and Independent

Unlike CSS2 (which came as one big package), CSS3 is made of small modules which makes the application easier and simpler to use. Selectors, Color, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transformations and user interface are some of the most useful modules that CSS3 offers.

3. View and Change Friendly

Since it is broken up into small modules, it’s simpler to change the parts individually without massively affecting the other components which don’t require any major changes. Another great advantage is the fact that it is compatible with all kinds of platforms and can be viewed with similar ease in mobile as well as PCs and tablets.

4. Speedy Development

Being an independent language which is not dependent on JavaScript, CSS3 loads a lot faster than its precursors. The language is pretty well compatible with all the browsers available. The individual modules also help in saving a lot of time during the development, implementation and end of production.

5. Platform Independent and Cross Browser Compatible

When it comes to being platform independent, nothing can beat CSS3. It takes independence to a new level. It also offers designers with special processes which allow them to design components in a very easy manner. Although not under the W3C standards, CSS3 shows compatibility with most of the browsers available which helps because the end users will have a huge range of browsers to choose from.

6. Attractive Backgrounds

Backgrounds are made exciting by the help of CSS3. It allows designers to choose from multiple backgrounds which can be applied with ease. The best part is that the background can be resized to fit the requirements of the project.

7. Borders and Texts

CSS3 allows designers to apply beautiful borders on the page or site they are creating. This helps in enhancing the appearance of the site. It also allows the application of various texts for the content. This helps in highlighting important information.

8. Images and Animations

Aside from easy coding, one of the best qualities of CSS3 is that it helps in enhancing the look of a website or pages immensely. It allows easy integration of the various images, which includes 3D, in the project. It also allows easy inclusion of videos and animations as well. Customization of the images can also be done with ease.

9. Testing the Features

Previous versions required a lot of time to test to detect issues and bugs. But with CSS3’s smaller modules, testing of the individual components becomes easy. Users can then integrate and run a quick compatibility test of all the parts individually. This saves a lot of time and hassle. This in turn requires lower turn out time and client satisfaction.

Learn CSS3

1. Ebook for beginners – http://www.html5andcss3.org/, developed by Swapnil Raja.

2. HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design Cookbook

3. W3Schools.com

CSS3 Development Tools

1. Preboot

It is an improvement of Bootstrap with lots of original variables and mixins. It is comprehensive and collection of LESS utilities. Some of them are typography, box shadows, round corners, retina images.


2.  typebase.css

It is minimal and customizable typography stylesheet with both LESS and SASS versions. This works best with normalize.css or any other modern reset type of thing.


3. Spinkit

It uses CSS animations to create absolutely smooth and easily customizable animations. It is compatible in almost 90% of browsers but still if you need a fallback so some browsers who are still not supporting CSS3 then that is also available. You can implement a easy fallback spinner which will support GIF. Its guidance is there on the website.


4. Animate

It is a group of cool, funny and witty cross-browser animations to be included in your website or project. It can be used on homepages, sliders, emphasis or just have some kinda fun thing.


5. Less Hat

In 2012 while CSS hats were used for LESS it required universal mixins. But not much was available which was satisfactory. This new version is completely rewritten with great mixins, robust workflow for editing, testing and creating new mixins. It is a cross browser, Bootstrap friendly and with no restrictions.



Free CSS3 Frameworks

1. Gumby

It is one of the simplest frameworks with super flexibility. Any newbie can use this framework to design the website and create grids. It has useful features and is compatible with almost all browsers.


2. Bootstrap

It is one of the most popular frameworks because of the ease of use. It is an open source and has an extensive list of features.


3. Kube

It is a quick and simple way to create a website with options for colorful labels, various tables, button option and lots of other helpers. It doesn’t limit the pixels and thus is flexible for all mobiles and tablets.



It is also a open source framework which uses modern CSS technique. It is a collection of HTML/CSS components with its own SCSS file. It uses an easy variable to change the whole look of the website, like color in just a second. It has device, wrap feature which is like a fake screen of devices to give you the actual feel of the website after designing.


5. MontageJS

It is open source software designed to change the way IT guys build software. It supports by creating single page applications with a high quality user experience. It offers a modular approach to organize code and components.


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