12 Must Have JavaScript Cheat Sheet for Every Developers

Cheat sheets are wonderful resources for developers. They make it easy to find the correct syntax, command, or keyboard shortcut that you often forget. Cheat sheets are especially useful when you are learning a new programming language or framework, since they condense the essential parts of the manual into just a couple pages. So stop memorizing and start using cheat sheets. In this article I have collected 12 Must have JavaScript cheat sheet for every developers.

The JavaScript cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing methods and functions of JavaScript. It includes reference material for regular expressions in JavaScript.

12 Must Have JavaScript Cheat Sheet for Every Developers

1. JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

A quick reference guide for JavaScript, listing methods and functions, and including a guide to regular expressions and the XMLHttpRequest object.

2. JavaScript & AJAX For Dummies Cheat Sheet

3. Symfony Cheat Sheet – JavaScript and AJAX Helpers

4. JavaScript Cheat Sheet

5. JavaScript language a- z cheat sheet by Alex Staveley

6. jQuery 1.4 API Cheat Sheet pdf

7. JS CheatSheet 

8. Field Guide to Scriptaculous Combination Effects pdf

9. JavaScript 5.6/VBScript Regular Expression Syntax

10. javascript Quick Reference pdf

11. JavaScript in one page

12. JavaScript a free online quick reference by VisiBone

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