New, interesting and useful jQuery Plugins of June 2014

People at GitHub come up with exciting codes all the time. And jQuery, a javascript library, has been a popular tool to play around with, producing interesting plugins. Here are ten of them which are very useful as well as smart.

Nice bunch of useful and fun jQuery Plugins of June 2014

1. jQuery Eraser

Replaces targeted image with one which is erasable using mouse click. Fun.

2. Draggable Dual view Slideshow

Drag the slider left or right in full screen or switch view to show a timeline like view.


3. Scrollify

A scroll that snaps to sections.


4. Shuffle-images

Image shuffle triggered by mouse movements.


5. Fluidbox lightbox plugin

Easy and fluid motion with the lightbox.


6. JQuery Tip Cards

Create a flipable card layout.


7. Credit card form

Cool credit card form. Animated and just drop-in code to get started.

8. Lazy load

Images that are not in the view port are not loaded enabling faster browsing.

9. jCalculator

Plugin for calculator input. See demo to understand

10. Adaptive background

Gets dominant color from image and applies to background.

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