Top 10 Joomla Plugins And Modules 2014

Top 10 Joomla Plugins And Modules  2014:

1)HTML5 Player Module for Joomla : (Demo | Download)

HTML5 FLASH PLAYER module displays media player on your Joomla website. By using JW Player 6, it can play Video and Audio in many formats (mp4, mp3, flv, YouTube, flv is only supported in browsers that run flash…) and compatible with almost browsers and devices. The player automatically chooses either HTML5 or Flash to bring the best performance on browsers and devices.

2)Smart SEO – Joomla Plugin : (Demo | Download)


Smart SEO it’s a Joomla Plugin that gives you the oportunity to improve and have your website content optimized for search engines like GoogleYahooBing, MSN and so on.

Want to have more traffic on your website? With our Smart SEO Joomla plugin you can in no time!

It doesn’t get any easier! No coding or technical skills necessary.

3)Live Brodcast Countdown Module : (Demo | Download)

Joomla Live Recurring Event Countdown Module

4)Joomla On Exit Popup Box : (Demo | Download)

Joomla On Exit Popup Box show a HTML message to the visitors that leave your website.

When visitors try to close the browser or try to change tabs or close tabs the browser window it show a modal box with your HTML message configured in backend.

When the visitor move the mouse ponter from your webpage area to the browser’s toolbar to go back,
write a new URL or any other task On Exit Popup Box for Joomla will be launched.

5)Social Slider for Joomla : (Demo | Download)

This is the best Social Slider plugin for Joomla on the market. Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity.

6)All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin : (Demo | Download)

All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin if the One Stop solution for your Social Sharing/Bookmarking needs on your Joomla Website. 
(Supports FACEBOOK , TWEET , GOOGLE +1, PINTEREST Button and other 108 social bookmarking buttons. Get it and drive more traffic to your website!

7)JSE Event – Booking System for Joomla Plugin : (Demo | Download)

JSE Event is a powerful component specialized for creating, promoting, organizing and bookingevents via online methods. With this tool in your hand, making a professional, multi-functional & flexible event site is absolutely possible & easy.

8)Advertise Logo Scroller Joomla Plugin : (Demo | Download)

Advertise Logo Scoller is a jQuery plugin that can animate (scroll) a set of elements either automatically This module can be performance intensive, so speed and framerate are fully configureable to accomodate lower spec systems.

9)Parallax module joomla 3.x – 2.x Plugin : (Demo | Download)

Parallax module for joomla 3.0 and 2.5 it is easy and simple, the module can be used in any place at your joomla template, and it is have options to ad any content you want by the editor in the module.

10)B2J Alfheim Image Gallery Pro Joomla Plugin : (Demo | Download)

The fully responsive Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO module takes the power of the LITE version, with some attractive additions.

The user not only has a tight control over the flow of images filtered by K2 tags, but has additional options to choose in how these images appear to the viewer. This module is fully functional with Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.0.

This PRO version, like the LITE version, is very simple and effective, with super-easy installation and use! You may choose the images to be inherited from K2 items, K2 tags or even a custom folder on your server.

Images can be cropped and resized, with or without aspect ratio. The module comes default with jquery-plugin enabled, but this can be disabled in the backend.

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