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Best Free WordPress Plugins for your Website


If you are a website developer who needs to complete different projects and deal with divergent clients with completely disparate needs then you should always be up-to-date with the new functional plugins that can help you to achieve better results more efficiently.

The winning card of a modern web developer is not being a Coding Guru but being aware of available resources and having good skills to use them proficiently.

In this blog post I’ll share my hand-picked plugins that I’m sure you’ll regret for not knowing before.

Slider WD


My top list opens Slider WD, which is really an advanced plugin for creating awesome sliders in your website (btw, saying advanced I don’t mean that you should be technically advanced for being able to use it, but mean that plugin’s features and functionalities are in professional level.)

I have listed out some really cool  features that you may love to check out.

The plugin is 100% responsive: yes, at last there is an available slider plugin that you can use confidently on your website and not worry about your mobile users. Don’t believe? Just check slider demo on different devices. As I have talked about mobile devices, I should also mention that it has a really comfortable swipe navigation that your touchscreen-device-users will really enjoy to use.

If you are looking for a slider with layer animations, then this slider may meet your needs. You can create multi-layer sliders adding animations and transition effects to each layer. You can add text, image, social buttons, embed media and hotspot layers.

Other great thing about this slider is that you can easily embed any YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr or Dailymotion videos in your slides.

The bloggers may also enjoy the feature of having blog-post sliders. This gives really a modern touch to blogs, on demo you can have a look at how it can be displayed in your website.

 Coming Soon Pages – SunshineLaunch


If you are on the way of creating your new website, this plugin will interest you. Even now I still remember a bunch of websites which I loved even before they were launched for their creative and interesting Coming Soon pages. With SunshineLaunch plugin it becomes utmost easy to create a nice and functional coming soon page.

Let me just go a bit in details in the advantages of this plugin.

It is very easy to customise, you can change logo, text, images, colors in seconds to achieve the appropriate look and feel. It is 100% responsive and loads really fast.

The pro version of the plugin gives even more:

  • MailcChimp integration (API) – you can build the list of your future clients even before the launch of your website.
  • Social media sharing and following buttons – If you have active social media channels you can redirect your users directly from the Coming soon page.
  • Countdown – If you already have fans who are really waiting for your website, you can add a countdown to stress the importance of your website’s release.
  • Pro version of the plugin comes with 12 pre-designed Templates and 100 beautiful background images.

Event Calendar WD


One of the greatest plugins that has been released this year but seems to have quite promising potential is Event Calendar WD. This can be used both as a simple calendar widget with an elegant skin and as a powerful tool for an event manager. You can create unlimited number of calendars and events, create recurring events just with a few clicks. Event managers can get advantage of managing events, venues and event organizers. My most favorite feature in this plugin is the variety of event view options: Month, Week, List, Day, 4 days view,  Map and poster-board views. You can check all the view options in the calendar demo.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that it is 100% responsive, SEO-friendly and has event search functionality. The pro version also suggests 5 easy customizable theme skins.

If you decide to upgrade you can also consider multiple integrations and add-ons which will add more power to your calendar. This is the complete list of these add-ons:

  • Frontend Event Management Add-on – With this add-on you can allow registered users to add events from the front-end.
  • Frontend Event Management Add-on – With this add-on you can allow website visitors (I mean not only registered users) to add events from the front-end.
  • Upcoming Events – With this add-on you can easily create an upcoming events widget.
  • Filter Add-on – You can make event search even more user-friendly with this add-on. It suggests 5 filter options: Days, Categories, Tags, Venues and Organizers.
  • Countdown – With countdown add-on you can add more enthusiasm to your events with variety of countdown display options.
  • Google Calendar Integration – If you have number of events in your Google calendar and want to show them in your website, you can easily import them with this add-on.
  • iCal Integration – This add-on will allow you to easily display or import your events from the iCloud calendar.
  • Facebook Integration – This cool add-on will help you to display and import your facebook page events in your website.
  • Import/Export – With this add-on you can easily export and import event calendar data: Events, Categories, Venues, Organizers and Tags.
  • Custom Fields – You will love to use this add-on if you have more info to share about the events, organizers and venues.
  • Views – If you want to have more control over displaying your events, you can buy this add-on.

Custom Sidebars


With this awesome plugin you can get the most of your website sidebars using them utmost efficiently. Now you should not stuck with the default layouts of your theme: you can create custom sidebars, configure per your requirements and even clone them. Easy export and import functionality will save you tons of time for using same custom sidebars on multiple websites.

But this is not all, the best thing about Custom Sidebars plugin is that you can change sidebars per user’s behaviour. You can have custom sidebars for certain post category, post tag and even for search results. Really cool isn’t it: you’ll decide what to show to your users for being most to the point.

I’m almost sure that you even haven’t heard about these plugins before. My intention was to talk about really great plugins that are not so popular yet, but can help you to fulfill your next website developing project successfully.

If you also have an experience of using some nice plugins with rich functionality, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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